Established in 1985, KEPL today is a leader in the field of Ductile Iron & Cast Iron Products, viz., Pipes, Fittings, Special, Valves etc. We share unrivaled trust amongst our valued and prestigious clients who are leaders in the field of Infrastructure Development not only in India, but internationally as well. Materials supplied are also in regular use in works of various Government and Semi-Government bodies throughout India, viz., Municipal Corporation, Railways, Port Trust, MDA’s etc.

We ensure strict quality checks at the manufacturer’s end and also arrange for third-party inspections by agencies like SGS & Rites for our client’s satisfaction.


We give herebelow a brief introduction of the Products we supply :

Ductile Iron Pipes : Ductile iron pipes are with socket, spigot and plain ends and are made in accordance with IS 8329. Ductile iron is known for its long service life. Ductile iron is corrosion resisitant and highly durable which makes it the preferred choice for pipeline networks all over the world. Ductile iron pipes have a internal lining of cement mortar and an external coating of Zinc & Bitumen. Ductile iron is nearly identical to grey cast iron in chemical composition. It also contains far more silicon, carbon and other elements than steel. The resistance of Ductile iron to corrosion is also similar to that of Grey Iron.

Ductile Iron Double-Flanged Pipes : Flanged pipes are made using three methods, that is, Welded Flanged pipes, Screwed Flanged pipes & Cast Flanged pipes. Flanged pipes are usually used Over-ground and places of specialzed application requiring restrained joints. Flanged pipes are suitable for verticle installation and places where pipes maybe disengaged temporarily for cleaning or transfer from one location to the other.  Ductile Flanged pipes have several advantages over other flanged pipes available. They are stronger due to higher tensile strength and better impact resistance. Also they are lighter to use and do not break under sudden impact. We offer Flanged pipes in various lenghts and different Pressure Ratings (PN 10 & PN 16) as per the clients requirement.   

Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings : Fittings play a major role in the function and success of any pipeline system. Mechanical, Push-On Joint & Flanged fittings are now in use. Push-on needs only one gasket but mechanical joints need a follower gland, gasket and tee headed bolts and nuts. With D.I. fittings, weights have come down considerably making the handling and assembly much easier. D.I. fittings are manufactured confirming to   IS : 9523. They have a thickness of K 12, which is more than the wall thickness of K9 pipes. Due to lower weights and jointing by rubber gaskets instead of lead (for C.I.), the total cost of installation of D.I. fittings is economical compared to installation of C.I. fittings.

Cast Iron Pipes :-- Centrifugally (spun) cast socket & spigot pipes and screwed -on flanged pipes as per IS : 1536 are supplied in lengths between 3.0 to 5.5 meter. Horizontally cast flanged pipes as per IS : 7181 are supplied in length of 2.75 meter. Vertically cast flanged pipes as per IS : 1537 are supplied in length of 2.0 meter. Orders for pipes shorter than length mentioned above are also accepted.

Cast Iron Specials :-- Both flanged and socketted specials are supplied with mass & dimensions strictly within tolerances specified as per IS : 1538. These fittings are suitable for jointing of above mentioned pipes plain ended fittings as per IS : 5531 are suitable for jointing of asbestors cement pressure pipes with help of detachable couplings.

Cast Iron Valves :-- Sluice/Gate valves as per IS ;14846/IS : 2906, Reflux/Non-Return valves as per IS : 5312 with or without by-pass, Foot Valves as per IS : 4038 & Air valves as per G & K cat. fig. H-4, H-7, H-40 are generally available in stock for ready delivery. In addition Pressure Relief valves, Butterfly valves, Globe valves, Float valves & Fire Hydrant sets are also available.

Cast Carbon Steel valves of different types can also be supplied.

In addition to the types described we are in a position to supply specials as per requirement of customers.